This is Vince. He is our friend's neighbour who has a cool red coffee machine. He made me and my sisters baby cinos and a coffee for my mum. He likes to make coffees a lot.


I first saw Iris on the Advanced Style blog and then she was in the newspaper. She has really cute glasses and she wears beautiful clothes. I love her smile. She looks really magical.


Joy is the mum of my sister Ponie's piano teacher. We visit her every Friday and she loves to knit. Sometimes she forgets that I am a girl. She knits jumpers for the children of poor families and I think that is very kind.


I have never met Dame Edna. When I saw her on TV I thought she was a cute grandma, but there was something different about her. I figured out that she was a he. I think Barry Humphries is a really good actor.


I met Mardi and Judy at an opp shop in Ararat. They are sisters and Mardi told me how she loves to visit Melbourne to see the shows. She used to be a dancer and wore beautiful costumes. They have have beautiful smiles and Judy giggled a lot.