We met Roger at the supermarket. He is very cute and friendly and has an accent.


  1. Hi Nancy<

    I love this photo. In fact, I love all your photos.
    I saw your Mum having coffee the other day. I was driving my van at the time and Chanie yelled out "Alison, you look great!" Well, I had on my "bad hair day cap" etc, etc.
    But I was thinking, as you want to take my photo for your blog, maybe it would be great if Chanie and I could arrange to meet one day (best a monday or wednesday for me) and I could bring my bread van along and we could take a photo.
    What do you think?
    My email address is info@alisons.com.au or stop by my stall.

    Love from Alison XOX

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Just discovered your blog and it's GREAT!
    I wish you could meet my Grandpa - he just celebrated his 95th birthday this week! He's got pretty great style - loves to wear hats, and shorts with long socks in the summer.
    Keep on blogging!!
    xx Charlotte

  3. nancy i love your blog so munch. love ponie

  4. I just LOVE your blog Nancy and cannot wait to see the interesting people you meet next. Keep going you're doing an amazing job!